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Welcome to Live Dye

I'm Richard Ransom, and Live Dye is the place I've created to showcase the work we do in fabric arts. Here you can see the work I've done with my sons and others to create beautiful art using techniques commonly called "tie-dye." Visit our Galleries to see our designs and purchase a custom-made piece. Visit our Techniques to begin to learn to do it yourself by reading our best step-by-step advice and watching our videos (coming soon). We have fun making our art, and we've developed that into a sister business, Funshop, where we teach both our techniques and how to have more fun in your life. We take fun seriously, and love our work – we know you'll feel the love and experience the fun if you wear a Live Dye garment, read about our techniques or The Fun Manifesto, or participate in a Funshop. In the meantime: Welcome to Live Dye, and enjoy!

The Art

Much More Than Tie-Dye

I call our work "resist dye" or "resist discharge" (discharge means bleaching, and yes, I know that there is an innuendo pun there), as it is much more than just tie-dye. Our work uses many techniques, including Indonesian plangi (tieing) and tritik (stitching and gathering), Javanese batik (wax resists), Japanese shibori (tying and gathering), Thai and Laotian mudmee (multiple techniques), and others. We take our resist work very seriously, and I hope you'll quickly see how different a Live Dye piece is from other commercially-available tie-dyes. We love this work, and have fun doing it – and I know you'll feel the love and the fun when you wear one.

Workshoppin' with our new friends, Justin and Judah, under my son Craig Ransom's supervision - creating as we discover fun.

Why Live Dye?

Because You're Unique – And So Is Our Art

We make unique pieces – each one an individual work of art. We don't make commodities or mass-produce anything, so when you wear a Live Dye, you are wearing a one-of-a-kind artwork, not a copy. We also use a unique combination of techniques with our pieces, including bleach discharge, thiourea dioxide discharge, vat dyes, and fiber-reactive dyes – a variety that others don't bother with because they're challenging, and time-consuming, and require careful design. Look around the web and see – no one else is doing what we're doing. Why do we do it? Because it gives our pieces a depth, complexity, and sophistication that you can't get by spinning a shirt and slathering it with dye. We think it's worth the trouble, because we want you to notice the difference. We love it – and think you will too.